Semper Fi Marines!
Mike P. Hernandez, Cpl., Medically Retired, USMC  
0311, An Hoa, Republic of South Viet Nam
2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division
Foxtrot Company, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad
March -October 1967
Survivor of 2nd Platoon, Operation Union II, June 2, 1967

/Memoir on my Vietnam experience

Above is a picture of me (left) at an An Hoa hutch after I arrived in Vietnam in March 1967. On the right is a recent picture in December 2003. I am now retired from the Texas Employment Commission where I worked as a Local Veteran Employment Representative (LVER) for 20 years. I was wounded by an exploding land device (booby trap) in October 1967 and was medically retired from the U.S.
 Marine Corps in April 1973.

Below are some of my heroes, followed by the 2nd Blt., 5th Marines, Fox Company honor row.

L/Cpl Jesse Manciaz and L/Cpl John Moreno

L/Cpl John Muth and L/Cpl David Wise

PFC Dominic

PFC David Floyd, later tour KIA

Cpl. Arthur Byrd, KIA Union II

Cpl. Marion Lee Dirickson, KIA, Union II, June 2, 1967 (Photo courtesy Brant Casford)


In Memoriam

U.S. Marine PFC Keith M. Moser II

The President of the United States takes pride in presenting the
SILVER STAR MEDAL posthumously to


for service as set forth in the following


For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity while serving as a Radio Operator with the First Platoon, Company F, Second Battalion, Fifth Marines during OPERATION UNION, in Quang Tin Province, Republic of Vietnam on 2 June 1967. While moving across an exposed rice paddy, the lead squad of the First Platoon had maneuvered to a position 200 meters to the front of the remainder of the platoon. The platoon came under heavy enemy small arms, machine gun and mortar fire from a well-entrenched enemy force. Private First Class Moser, realizing that the squad leader had no communications with the platoon leader, unhesitatingly moved across 200 meters of exposed rice paddy under intense enemy fire to provide the badly needed communications enabling the squad to receive and carry out its mission. After arriving at the squad’s position Private First Class Moser observed a wounded Marine lying out in the rice paddy. With complete disregard for this own safety, he moved to the side of the wounded Marine and began administering first aid. Still under intense enemy fire, he started to carry the wounded Marine back to the squad’s position. During this attempt, Private First Class Moser was mortally wounded. His daring actions and loyal devotion to duty and to his fellow Marines were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.

Citiation re-printed by permission of the Moser family

Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines
Republic of South Viet Nam
 Honor Row

Name Rank Date of Casualty Hometown State
Davis, Robert Nelson Pfc 04/26/66 Alton IL
Lawson, Leo C. Cpl 07/25/66 San Leandro CA
Fisher, La Marr Pvt 08/20/66 Los Angeles CA
Chmiel, Andrew Lcpl 10/13/66 Utica MI
Fox, Phillip Carrol HM3 10/13/66 Flint MI
Harris, Dennis D. Sgt 10/13/66 Mulino OR
Ronje,Joe L. Sgt 10/13/66 Corpus Christi TX
McWright, Edward A. Pfc 11/15/66 Dallas  TX
Carey, Thomas Joseph Sgt 01/26/67 Muncie  IN
McCauley, Dale Martin Pfc 04/14/67 Uhrichsville OH
Hernandez, Richard Pfc 04/30/67 San Antonio TX
Ackley, Gerard Levie Sgt 06/03/67 Dunnigan CA
Balters, Stephen A. Jr. Lcpl 06/03/67 San Jose CA
Blasen, Richard Lee Lcpl 06/03/67 Wheaton IL
Boatman, Larry Neal Pfc 06/03/67 Caddo OK
Byrd, Arthur Malcom Lcpl 06/03/67 Houston TX
Crook, Jimmy Ray Pfc 06/03/67 Austell GA
Daugherty, William Stanley Lcpl 06/03/67 Evansville IN
Deasel, James Jerome Jr. Lcpl 06/03/67 Baltimore MD
Dirickson, Marion Lee Cpl 06/03/67 Tonkawa OK
Donovan, Thomas Stephen HM3 06/03/67 Natick MA
Driscoll, Victor Michael Cpl 06/03/67 Bellaire TX
Francis, John Paul Cpl 06/03/67 Reese MI
Gerard, Lawson Douglas Pfc 06/03/67 Santa Monica CA
Graham, James Albert Capt. 06/03/67 Frostburg MD
Hernandez, Robert Reyes Lcpl 06/03/67 San Antonio TX
Kelsey, Straughan D. Jr. 2nd Lt 06/03/67 Indiatlantic FL
Kline, Gary Wayne Lcpl 06/03/67 Lincoln Park MI
McCandless, Michael David Pfc 06/03/67 Columbus OH
Monfils, Dennis Eugene Pfc 06/03/67 Riverside CA
Moser, Keith Milton II Pfc 06/03/67 Lowell MI
O'Brien, Gary Malcom Cpl 06/03/67 Orlando FL
Painter, John Ralph Jr. Lcpl 06/03/67 Palmdale CA
Pelzer, Benjamin F. II Lcpl 06/03/67 Columbia  SC
Richardson, Robert Pfc 06/03/67 Augusta GA
Rische, Karl Balthasar Jr. Cpl 06/03/67 Milwaukee WI
Scharlach, Steven Edward Pfc 06/03/67 Brooklyn NY
Schultz, Charles Joseph 2nd Lt 06/03/67 Metuchen NJ
Shepherd, Clifford Pfc 06/03/67 Dayton OH
Weed, James Allan Pfc 06/03/67 Tacoma WA
Westphal, Jereld Eugene Lcpl 06/03/67 Bethel KS
Ahinzow, Tony Sgt 07/04/67 Chicago IL
Ball, James Edward III Lcpl 07/04/67 Newport News  VA
Currie, Andrew Pvt 07/04/67 Brownsville TN
Hicks, Joseph Lonnie Lcpl 07/04/67 Yardville NJ
Lanteigne, Arthur Lcpl 07/04/67 Detroit MI
Newlin, Melvin Earl Pfc 07/04/67 Wellsville OH
Monin, Francis George Cpl 07/05/67 Buffalo NY
Brown, David Harold Sgt 09/10/67 Saltillo TN
Acosta, Jose Francisco Cpl 10/01/67 Wichita  KS
Jordan, Dudley Norman Sgt 10/19/67 Roxbury MA
Yeutter, Daniel John Cpl 11/12/67 Philadelphia PA
Miller, Earl David Pfc 12/01/67 Garrett IN
Jones, John Henry Jr. Pfc 01/30/68 Phenix City AL
Barksdale, Jerry Dean Lcpl 01/31/68 Berrytown KS
Collins, David Leroy Cpl 02/01/68 Carson City NV
Murdock, Stanley Pvt 02/01/68 Chicago IL
Figueroa-Perez, Christobal Cpl 02/02/68 Catano PR
Gosselin, James Edward HM3 02/02/68 Pleasantville PA
Maloney, John Edward Jr. Sgt 02/02/68 Ridgewood NY
Washburn, Wayne Arthur Lcpl 02/04/68 Peoria Heights IL
Gautreau, Reginald Joseph Lcpl 02/06/68 Waltham MA
Mayhall, Alonzo Earl Sgt 02/06/68 LasVegas NV
Morrison, Charles Lloyd HN 02/06/68 Romeoville IL
Palmo, Jimmie Charles Pfc 02/06/68 Dallas  TX
Tinson, Paul Drake SSgt 02/06/68 Baltimore MD
Violett, James Edward Cpl 02/06/68 Guam  
Holbrook, Gary Wayne Cpl 02/07/68 Trenton MI
Barnes, William Carel Jr. Pfc 02/08/68 Battle Creek MI
Hausrath, Donald Arthur Jr. 2nd Lt 02/11/68 Villa Park CA
Crapse, Wayne Franklin Pfc 02/13/68 Brunson SC
Schuett, Jerome Alan Pvt 02/13/68 Reedsburg WI
Crysel, Kenneth Lee Lcpl 02/15/68 Warren OH
Lindstrom, Patrick Eugene Lcpl 02/18/68 Spokane WA
Martin, Charles Thomas Pfc 02/25/68 Oakwood GA
Huber, Stephen Lee Cpl 02/26/68 Carol City FL
Robilotto, George Francis Pfc 03/02/68 New York NY
Williams, Lawrence Lcpl 04/27/68 Washington DC
Johnson, Paul Conrad Sgt 04/30/68 Crystal MN
Gonzales, Richard Castillo Lcpl 05/05/68 Los Angeles CA
Marshall, Charles Ray Pfc 05/15/68 Oakland CA
Bratton, Darrell Dwayne Pfc 05/22/68 Russellville AR
Williams, Willard Loyd Lcpl 05/22/68 Lilbourn MO
Perez, Jesus Ramon Pfc 06/24/68 Kingsville TX
Long, James Robert SSgt 07/26/68 Hancock MI
Martin, Jeffrey Lea 2nd Lt 07/29/68 Santa Ana CA
Hellard, Richard W. Jr. Cpl 08/04/68 Beverly MA
Monsebias, Lupe Lcpl 08/05/68 Mathis  TX
Fante, Robert Gerald Cpl 08/06/68 Roseville MI
Rackow, Andrew Charles HM2 08/06/68 University Park PA
Edwards, James Merton Lcpl 08/08/68 Pawleys Island SC
Trumble, Darrell Lynn Lcpl 08/13/68 Vidor TX
Ward, Allen Lea Pfc 08/13/68 Skowhegan ME
Brown, Robert Jay Cpl 08/16/68 Kettle Falls WA
Hill, John Kenny Pfc 08/27/68 Tunica MS
Jessman, James Henry Pfc 08/30/68 Watertown NY
Carter, Bruce Landon Pfc 09/11/68 Milton-Freewater OR
Crabb, Bruce Wayne Pfc 09/11/68 Milwaukee WI
Evans, Jerry Brian Pfc 09/11/68 Wurtsboro NY
McGee, George William Pfc 09/11/68 Oklahoma City OK
Scott, Billy Joe Pfc 09/11/68 Cincinnati OH
Spina, Fred Concetto Lcpl 09/11/68 Woodbury NJ
Vallone, Frank Pfc 09/11/68 New York NY
Sowards, David Michael Pfc 09/12/68 West Liberty KY
Sandoval, George Lcpl 09/17/68 Los Angeles CA
Townsend, Gary Ray Lcpl 09/30/68 Orchard Park NY
Brewer, George Henry Pfc 10/07/68 Sacramento CA
Taft, Philip Jeffrey Pfc 10/09/68 Fairfax  VA
Cooper, Howard Kenneth Pfc 11/11/68 Valparaiso IN
Moyers, Richard Lee Pfc 11/11/68 Moorefield WV
Bonnett, Sherl Kent Pfc 12/19/68 Windham OH
Salazar, Rene Javier Lcpl 12/19/68 Del Rio  TX
Guevara, Irineo Pfc 01/11/69 Los Angeles CA
Wade, Charles Fredrick Pfc 01/15/69 Canton OH
Moore, Lawrence Hamilton Pfc 02/14/69 Tyler  TX
Kujawa, Donald Lee Cpl 02/17/69 Tacoma WA
Jouvert, Victor Modesto Pfc 02/22/69 New York NY
Margrave, Daniel W. II Pfc 02/22/69 Billings MT
Webster, Rhena Charles Pfc 02/22/69 Long Beach CA
Carney, James Patrick Jr. Pfc 02/27/69 Naugatuck CT
Erbes, John Henry Pfc 02/27/69 Tracy MN
Floyd, David Allen Lcpl 03/01/69 Minden LA
Shiraka, John Edward Pfc 03/11/69 Worcester MA
Johnson, James Carl Lcpl 04/17/69 Jackson MS
Sanders, James Albert Pfc 05/09/69 Pine Bluff AR
Atkucunas, Edward Lcpl 05/10/69 Philadelphia PA
Bullock, Dan Pfc 06/07/69 New York NY
Bunn, Donald Wayne Pfc 06/07/69 Ft. Wayne IN
Eglinsdoerfer, Larry James Lcpl 06/07/69 Milan MI
Hunnicutt, Jason David Pfc 06/07/69 Petaluma CA
Montgomery, Steven Hugh Pfc 06/07/69 Hayward CA
Benson, Albert Duward 2nd Lt 07/06/69 Sidney IA
Lewis, Michael Lee Cpl 08/15/69 Fort Worth  TX
Gibson, Clifford Michael Pfc 08/16/69 Irwin


Hartogh, David Michael Lcpl 09/07/69 Waterloo IA
Robillard, Larry Kenneth Pfc 09/07/69 Torrance CA
Clough, Donnie Joe Pfc 09/09/69 Charleston IL
Wright, Albert N. Jr. Sgt 10/19/69 Stanton TN
Brooks, William Francis Pfc 03/17/70 Hadlyme CT
Boyd, Stephen Leslie Cpl 08/03/70 Rochester NY
Iwasko, Edward Bernard Sgt 10/10/70 Bellwood IL
Miller, James Edward Lcpl 10/27/70 Lancaster PA
Arnett, Ray Jr. Lcpl 11/04/70 Dayton OH
Rigdon, Ronald Michael Pvt 01/28/71 Waldo FL